Freelancer vs Agency vs Klarecon – Which One Is Good For Your Business

Freelancer  Agency  Klarecon 
Skills Limited skills. They could be good at what they do, but you don’t get the versatility you need. This means you’ll need to hire different freelancers for different jobs. Hence, more time is consumed in hiring. Provides access to multiple skills, but it will be limited to one niche in most cases. For example, an agency will specialize in translations, content writing, or virtual assistance. Provides access to multiple skills in different niches. Specializes in delivering translations, content writing, media management, and virtual assistance services.
Service Varies from person to person. Can sometimes disappear without a trace. In many cases, presents made-up stories as reasons for absence.

Cares about its reputation, but individuals working within might not have ‘providing exceptional service’ as their 1st priority.

Typically gives more attention to more prominent clients, so the customer service quality differs.

Works with a customer-friendly mindset, regardless of the revenue size generated by a client.
Priority Level Can prioritize one project at a time. Often works on one major and a few other small projects, delivering mediocre or poor quality work. Can prioritize multiple projects simultaneously but mainly in a single area of specialization. Can prioritize multiple projects simultaneously in different areas of specializations.
Capacity Has a limited capacity to deliver on a daily or weekly basis. Has more resources and can handle bigger volumes. However, may not have the capacity to provide instant solutions without affecting other projects if things go south.

Can produce more than 2 million words of content each month + other mentioned services on a large scale.

Functions with a futuristic point of view, so even if things take an unwanted turn, Klarecon provides fast solutions without affecting any other ongoing activity or project.

Communication Can be difficult if they’re in a different timezone than yours. Usually assigns a project manager. However, you may not get the information you need unless you request it. Follows a proactive approach. Focuses on maintaining timely and regular communication for building a solid work relationship.

Usually charges an hourly fee.

The price might appear cheaper than other options but turns out to be a lot higher in reality as it involves hiring and management time (plus re-hiring if the freelancer disappears).

Charges a monthly retainer or project-based price.

Is generally more expensive than a freelancer, but the value delivered may or may not justify the price.

Offers customized price options to choose from.

Offers a competitive price along with: significantly short turnaround times and high-quality work.