How To Recognize A Professional Content Writer

Sifting through resumes of content writers can be quite the task, even if they are few in number. You are expected to gauge the style of writing, novelty factor, and grammatical correctness on the basis of the applicant’s body of work. But how do you take an objective call, and more importantly, the right one? Get more details approximately online real money pokies.

Here are a few aspects to keep in mind when you receive responses for the ‘Awesome Content Writers Required’ job post. While the criteria might vary based on the nature of the role, these broad pointers could come in handy.

A Strong Writing Voice

The writer’s voice should be confident and bold!

Aspects like style and tone can be learned in a short span, but ‘voice’ is developed over time, and in most cases, it reflects the personality of the individual. Usually, it is a result of inborn talent or utmost dedication to the tradecraft.

Look for someone whose write-ups are funny, interesting, convincing, and perceptive. Or simply shortlist the writers whose works you enjoyed the most!

Grammatical Prowess

Sounds like a no brainer, doesn’t it?

Irrespective of whether you have room for an editor, your text content creators must have a strong grasp over syntax and spellings. After all, no one wants to undergo an embarrassing moment in the era of oxford commas!

With the advent of technology, learning the nitty-gritty of grammar might not be necessary, but it’s always best to have a person with the requisite basic knowledge. 

A Paradigm Shifter

You need a person who talks about emails in the era of fax machines!

It is evident that you need someone to sell a story (not the product or service). While the core objective remains the same, it is the chosen path that will decide if the exercise was successful. If your ink slinger can come up with different angles or package the idea in different shapes and sizes, then you have a winner!

Game-Changing Strategist

An able writer knows which approach to take based on the target audience and the content’s objective. They will precisely be able to tell you why there’s a repetition in the video script and the reason for using a lengthy headline.

Be prepared to listen to rants about less being more, the importance of a call to action, and the latest obnoxious trends in the industry. In short, they know the game better than you!

Lifelong Learners

They are folks who are the first to hop on to a discussion about the latest SpaceX rocket, climate change, or even Big-Foot for that matter!

It speaks volumes about the commitment to their work and the constant urge to learn new skills and refine old ones. Even if you are taking the freelancer route, having a ‘just pennies-for-word’ person can do more harm than good in the long run.

Congratulations on deciding to hire a writer instead of donning all the work-hats yourself. Make the most of having a content creator onboard and do remember the above-mentioned points for a joyous experience with your newest employee!